Basecourse- Aggregates

Citi Landscape Supplies is your local landscape supplies store, you will find a range of quality landscaping products at affordable prices available for pick-up or delivery. From us you can buy Bulk and Bag 

Aggregates - GAP 40, GAP 20, GAP 7 etc.

Sand - Number 1 sand / Paving sand, Tennis sand.


White chip, River stones, Black mulch, Red mulch, White pebbles and many more.

Range of concrete pavers - Driveway pavers, permeable pavers (Firth Flowpave / Bowers Aqualok), courtyard pavers, Patio Pavers, Residential, commercial and many more.

We get our concrete pavers and retaining blocks supplies from New Zealand's biggest supplier: Firth Concrete and Bowers Concrete.