Glen Eden Landscape Supplies

If you're looking for landscaping solutions in Glen Eden, Citi Landscape Supplies is the place to go. Whether you wanted to freshen up the garden or begin on a larger landscaping project, we provide everything you need. We provide wide range of landscaping supplies, including top soils, garden mulches, river stones, sand, pavers etc.


Company History 

Citi Landscape Supplies, a family-owned company based in Henderson, Auckland, began as a concrete paver manufacturing company. We gradually expanded our activities to include selling New Zealand's most popular paver brands, which we now offer to our local community at very low pricing. In addition, we give our customers the greatest solutions available in the market as proud distributors of Firth/Bowers and Premier group pavers and retaining wall materials. 


Things to Consider Before Buying Landscape Supplies 

When determining which landscape materials to purchase, several factors must be considered. Look at the following points:  

  1. Determine the intended purpose of the landscaping items. For example, are you looking for hardscaping materials like pavers or retaining walls or soft scaping items like soil, mulch, or plants? Make certain that the materials you select are appropriate for the specific duties you require.  
  2. Material Quality: Evaluate the landscape supplies' quality. Look for materials that are long-lasting, durable, and resistant to the environmental conditions in your area. In addition, consider aspects such as strength, wear and tear resistance, and maintenance requirements.  
  3. Determine the quantity and size of the landscape supplies you require. Calculate the area you intend to cover or the volume needed for your project. Calculating the amount of material required will prevent overbuying or underbuying. Calculating the amount of material required will prevent overbuying or underbuying.
  4. Compatibility with Existing environment: Consider how the materials you choose will fit into your environment. Ensure they complement your outside space's overall style, concept, and design. Color schemes, textures, and existing elements or buildings must all be considered.  
  5. Budget: Determine your landscape supply budget. Compare rates from several providers to obtain the best value for your money. Consider additional charges, such as delivery or installation fees, when creating your budget.  
  6. Consider the environmental impact of the landscaping supplies. Look for environmentally friendly materials, such as recycled or locally sourced materials. It can involve employing permeable paving for water drainage, planting native or drought-tolerant plants, and using materials created from recycled content.  
  7. Supplier Reputation: Conduct research and select a reputed supplier who provides high-quality items and dependable customer service. To guarantee you receive the best value for your money, read reviews, verify references, and compare pricing.