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Cosio Geocil Non-Woven Weedmat

Cosio Geocil Non-Woven Weedmat

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Weed mats, also known as landscape fabric or weed barriers, are a gardener's best friend. These thick mats are typically made from woven polypropylene material and serve as a protective layer between the soil and mulch in your garden beds. Not only do weed mats prevent unwanted weeds from sprouting up and competing with your plants for water and nutrients, but they also help retain moisture in the soil, reduce erosion, and promote healthier plant growth overall. Additionally, by blocking out sunlight, weed mats inhibit photosynthesis in weed seeds that may be lurking beneath the surface of your garden bed. Installing weed mats is a simple and cost-effective way to save yourself time and effort when it comes to maintaining a beautiful and thriving garden space – definitely worth considering for any green-thumb enthusiast!
  • UV stabilised.
  • 60gsm.
  • Hydrophilic.
  • Will not fray when cut.
  • Easy to install using weedmat staples or plastic pins.
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