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Firth Keystone Compac III (Straight face)- 457mm x 305mm x 200mm - 11 units/SQM

Firth Keystone Compac III (Straight face)- 457mm x 305mm x 200mm - 11 units/SQM

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This is one of our most recognized and beautiful product by using Firth Keystone Compac III Straight face increase the look of your property immensely.


  • Natural stone textured look of Firth Keystone Compac III is an eye catching product when placed properly. 
  • Use of Firth Keystone Compac III is a perfect segmental unit to build a wall up to 900 mm high.
  • This is light in weight hence making it easy to handle by the Landscapers or the end users.
  • Easy to use by the DIY's community and by the beginners.
  • Firth Keystone Compac® III features unrivaled aesthetic options hence proven wall performance.
  • Allows for various positive connection with reinforcement to build engineered walls in excess of 18.2 m tall.

Two fiberglass pins required for each unit, because each unit sits on the pins to increase the strength of the end product. 

Compac III Straight face Keystone

Dimension: 450mm L x 305mm W x 200mm H

Coverage: 11. blocks per or  4.09 m² per pallet

Pallet: 45 blocks per pallet

Setback: 0.9 degrees from Vertical (near vertical)

Weight: 32 Kg

Number per lineal meter - 2.19

Strength - 15MPa

Colors available

  • Rockface
  • Onyx
Note: Colors below are indicative only. Viewing a sample before purchasing is recommended. Our pavers are made in NZ with locally sourced natural materials and as such color variation between regions is expected.
Note: All paving products are sourced from natural materials specific to those regional locations.  For this reason, there is natural variation in the color and appearance of the paver from batch to batch and region to region, as the pavers reflect the local character of the New Zealand landscape.  
Note: All pavers are delivered unsealed. We recommend our customers to seal their pavers to enhance longevity, protect the paver and be more durable in the open environment. It is the installer’s responsibility to ensure the application of their selected sealant is done in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines.
Note: Please allow an extra 6% in your order for possible cutting, breakages or freight damage.
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